Deep Foundations


Micropiles (50 - 150mm dia) and minipiles (150 - 300mm dia) are small diameter piles that can be installed in almost any type of soil or rock.

Typical minipile applications include underpinning of existing structures, slope stabilization or upgrading of existing abutments and piers.

Pre-bored H-piles

Pre-bored H piles comprise a steel H beam installed inside a grout filled circular hole of typically 600mm diameter.

Pre-bored H piles are installed with an “overburden drilling method” (down the hole hammer technology) through variable ground conditions including boulders and hard rock.


Large Diameter Bored Piles

With a diameter ranging from 800 mm to 3300 mm, large diameter bored piles are excavated by auger, grab, chisel or Reverse Circulation Drill (RCD) rig. They can be installed to a depth exceeding 100 meters and can include an enlarged base (“bell out”) which increases their load bearing capacity.

Large Diameter Bored piles are usually made of reinforced cast in situ concrete and are used as foundation elements for heavy structures.



Barrettes are piles with a rectangular section that can be orientated to accommodate high horizontal forces and bending moments in addition to vertical loads.

Barrettes are constructed using the same technology as diaphragm wall panels.
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