Grouting, Jet Grouting

Grouting consists of injecting a pumpable liquid, suspension, emulsion or mortar into the ground in order to strengthen it or to reduce its permeability. If the grout can fill the voids in the ground without causing movement of the surrounding materials, the process is called fissure grouting or permeation grouting. If the process creates hydrofracturing or squeezing of the material it is called compaction grouting or hydrofracture grouting.

Depending on the soil or rock properties, various techniques and methods can be implemented:
  • Permeation grouting in granular materials using cementitious grout or chemical grout.
  • Rock grouting using microfine cement to penetrate into thin cracks.
  • Compaction grouting using thick cement mortar to densify granular soil.
Jet Grouting

Jet grouting is a construction process using the energy of a jet of fluid under very high pressure to break up and loosen the ground, and eventually mix it to create a column of soil-cement mix. Depending on the soil conditions and on the energy developed, columns of soil cement mix of a diameter varying from 800 mm to 3000 mm can be installed.

This process can be used to reinforce soils or to reduce their permeability. Applications include underpinning of existing structures, cut-off walls…

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