Ground Improvement
Ground improvement techniques change the soil characteristics by means of physical actions such as vibration or by the inclusion or mixing into the soil of stiff materials.

Various processes can be implemented depending on the type of soil to be improved. BSGL carries out Ground Improvement projects in Hong Kong & Macau in association with MENARD, one of the world leaders in this field.

Dynamic Compaction

The principle consists in releasing a weight of several tones from a height of 10 meters or more in order to create various wave strains which have the effect of rearranging the particles in order to stiffened the soil.

Vibrocompaction and Stone Columns

  • Vibrocompaction uses vibrations to improve the soil characteristics by increasing its density.

  • Stone Columns are installed using the same equipment as the one used for vibrocompaction. Stone columns have a double effect, they reinforced the soil and they drain it.

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