Contract No. HY/2014/08 - Construction of Tunnel at Yau Ma Tei, Reconstruction of a Section of the Gascoigne Road Flyover and Reprovisioning of Affected Public Facilities at Yau Ma Tei

    On 10 September 2018 our project team under the Gascoigne Road Flyover having "Bai San" ceremory for Yau Ma Tei project.  

Contract No. 3205 - HKAA Low Headroom Deep Cement Mixing Works

    On 11 July 2018 our project team with Sambo having "Bai San" ceremory for the 3rd Runway project.  

Back to Kowloon



After 15 years based in Wanchai, Bachy Soletanche Group Limited has just moved to Wing On Kowloon Centre in Jordan, a few meters away from the very first office of BSGL forty years ago.

On Monday 26 Jun 2017, our teams started to work in this contemporary office after sharing a traditional ceremony of "Bai San".


A New Mini Hydrofraise named after Karen

    Open ceremony on May 10th, 2017 for a new mini HC05 machine named as "Karen".

"Karen" is equipped with CSM for the low head room CSM works at the Hong Kong Airport Contract 3205.

Celebration of BSV's 20th Anniversary

    Congratulation to our colleagues in Bachy Soletanche Vietnam on its 20th anniversary  

Oxfam 2016 - Walking in the Frozen Rain


  The 3rd Oxfam Walkathon took place on Sunday 24 Jan 2016, at Pak Shek Kok Promenade. Being a close partner with Oxfam Hong Kong, our company were delighted to sponsor this charity event again.

On this coldest day in Hong Kong over the past 59 years, the temperature dropped to 3ºC. In this adverse weather, many outdoor events had been cancelled. Despite the sleet and frozen rain, Oxfam Walkathon 2016 went on.

We were so supportive that we won “The Most Participants” Award in the event, and were so proud to see Mr. Raymond Wong, our Business Development Director received the Award on stage. There were more than 1,100 registrants and over HKD400,000 had been raised in this charity walk.

Safety Award Ceremony 2015



Safety Award Ceremony 2015 was held by West Kowloon Cultural District Authority on 17th August 2015 to recognize the contractors’ outstanding health and safety performance in the 1st half year of 2015.

There were eleven safety awards being presented and Bachy Soletanche Group Limited had got four; the company received the highest number of awards in the ceremony.

Well done !




Oxfam Walkathon 2015



Oxfam Walkathon 2015 took place on 1st Feb 2015 and has raised HK$400,000.



Julien Landrot, our Managing Director, received a Certificate of Appreciation from Oxfam Hong Kong, for our volunteers and donations.


Safety Promotion







 Development Bureau and the Construction Industry Council jointly organized Construction safety week this year from 26 to 29 May 2014.
This is the 3rd year of BSG’s Safety Day. It is also the second year that all Bachy Soletanche Asian Branches coordinate to have a regional safety day, all projects carried out the safety promotion program on the same day and lead by the directors of the company.

The aim of the safety day is to deliver the message to all level of staff that safety is the priority of the company, it is the personal priority of all the top management of BSG, and also priority of all level staff.

This continued effort is critical in enhancing the safety performance of BSG in a highly competitive construction market.




Safety Awards



As part of the Construction Industry Safety Award Scheme, BSGL has received on 16th March a Silver Prize and a Meritorious Prize for its Safety performance on Hong Kong Zhuhai - Macau Bridge Project.

On 26th March, Dragages Bachy Soletanche Maeda JV and Bachy Soletanche Laing O Rourke JV were awarded respectively a Gold Safety Award and the Grand Safety Award for their outstanding Safety achievements on Contract 703 of the West Island Line and Contract 811 of the XRL project.

These prizes recognize the commitment of Bachy Soletanche Group Limited to Safety and come as a reward for the management teams on these various projects for their constant effort to promote safety on site
Oxfam Walkathon
On Sunday 9th February, more than 50 employees from Bachy Soletanche Group Limited have taken part to the first Oxfam Walkathon which took place at the Peak.

Despite gloomy conditions, the Bachy Soletanche participants as well as their family members and friends shared an unforgettable and enjoyable moment together. The BSGL team was proud to have participated to this flagship fundraising event  which will contribute to reduce poverty in Hong Kong and around the world.


Xiqu Centre
  Xiqu Ceremony

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority has recently appointed Bachy Soletanche Group Limited to construct the foundation of the future Xiqu Opera. The works, which comprise large diameter bored piles, sheet piling, pipe piling and grouting works, will start immediately and will last approximately 9 months.

On the 25th September, the Xiqu Opera Ground Breaking Ceremony took place in presence of Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary for Administration, HKSAR and Chairman of the Board of the West Kowloon Cultural District Association.


Safety Day

BSGL Safety Day took place on 10th June 2013. Various activities including safety quizzes and presentation of Safety Awards were conducted on all the company projects in order to reinforce and promote BSGL Safety culture. This very special day, which was a great success, was also the opportunity for each member of the team to demonstrate his commitment to safety.

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

The first section of the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge comprises the construction of a 9.6 km long dual three lanecarriage way from the Hong Kong International Airport to the boundary of Hong Kong territorial waters.

The viaduct will be founded on large diameter piles socketed into rock. BSGL has been chosen by Dragages – China Harbour – VSL - Joint Venture, main contractor on the project, to construct 69 bored piles of 3.00m diameter down to an average depth of 37 meters. The works, which will start in mid-May, will occupy 3 bored piling RCD rigs during a year.


XRL 811A

XRL 811A Project has achieved a score of 7.8 on their latest DNV International Safety Rating System (ISRS) Audit which took place from 25th February to 1st March 2013. This constitutes a great performance as this is the highest score ever given in the 15 years that such audits have been carried out on MTR projects.

The six monthly audit carried out on site covers every aspect of the project from Administration to Physical Site Condition. The high score achieved demonstrates the continued commitment of the site team to Safety, Quality and Environment and recognises the excellent work done in achieving and maintaining the highest standards on the project.