The Tunnel Dismantling Machine

The Hong Kong West Island Line extension project, in which a tunnel of the new line was connected to an existing tunnel required the dismantling and filling of part of the working tunnel. Carried out in one of the world’s most urbanised environments and in a very complex geological setting, this phase of the project prompted the consortium, which includes Bachy Soletanche Group Limited, to develop a special machine, the TDM (Tunnel Dismantling Machine). The TDM was designed and manufactured in France with the technical assistance of CSM BESSAC, a tunnel specialist company of the SOLETANCHE BACHY Group. Using compressed air technology. The machine moves backwards inside the tunnel to be dismantled, removing the arch segments one by one under a pressure of 2.8 bars. As the TDM moves backward, its mechanical arm applies shotcrete on the tunnel wall to ensure the temporary stability of the ground. Then, every 2 metres, the tunnel is backfilled with lean concrete.

The Compact Hydrofraise

With the HC05, the Hydrofraise range is further broadened to include a new machine that can work in low-headroom projects and is easy to transport. Its main advantage is its compact dimensions.
Designed by the Soletanche Bachy teams, it can be shipped anywhere in the world in three 40-foot and three 20-foot containers. It can also be rapidly assembled and disassembled.
It can drill from depths of up to 50 m with thicknesses 630 to 1,200 mm, under a minimum headroom of of 5.30 m.

Grouting Instrumentation

The control-system software package developed by Soletanche Bachy comprises a suite of interactive programmes(SPICE, CASTAUR...), which are enormously helpful in the grouting process in terms of:

- Safety: data collection and subsequent control of operations in the field are extremely precise and rigorous.

- Quality: powerful synthesis and analytical tools produce fast, automatic reports and charts.

- Performance: higher production rates, and efficient control.

Low Head Room CSM

Bachy Soletanche Group Limited is working on course for the low headroom deep cement mixing (CSM) for Airport Authority. The project – Contract 3205 was commenced on 3rd Oct 2016. With 2 years excellent performance of project team members. We have achieved 50,000 panels on 30th Sep 2018. We are now at the peak production with the following plants and vessels:

  • 16 CSM barges with newly tailor-made CSM rigs;
  • 5 testing barges (2 anchor barges and 3 jack-up barge);
  • and about 40 nos of various types of vessels which including service barges, cement barges, derrick lighters, passengerboats, anchor boats, tug boats, etc. 
We are running 60 vessels daily. Around 730 workforces are operating around the clock.