Injection grouting consists of injecting pumpable liquid, suspension, emulsion or mortar into ground in order to strengthen it or to reduce its permeability. It is a technique with multiple functions.

If the grout materials can fill the voids in the ground without causing movement of the surrounding materials, the process is called as fissure grouting or permeation grouting. If the process creates hydrofracturing or squeezing of the surrounding materials, it is called as compaction grouting or hydrofracture grouting.   

Depending on the soil or rock properties, various techniques and methods can be implemented:

  1. Compaction grouting using thick cement mortar to densify granular soil,

  2. Fissure grouting in rock using microfine cement grout to penetrate into thin cracks,

  3. Permeation grouting in granular materials using cementitious grout or chemical grout.


45 years ago, Bachy Soletanche is the first who introduced the “Tube-à-manchettes” grouting technique in Hong Kong. Since then, Bachy Soletanche has carried out numerous projects using permeation grouting, fissure grouting in rock or, more recently, jet grouting.

Grouting is an art which requires a specific know-how which allies a rigorous technical approach and a degree of flexibility, rational thinking and creativity. Bachy Soletanche engineers can capitalize on the unrivalled local company experience to design the best suited grout mix and work out a grouting methodology adapted to the actual ground conditions.

Bachy Soletanche is an acknowledged leader in compensation grouting with an excellent track record on many of the world’s leading tunneling projects.

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