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Further to the upgrading the bearing capacity of igneous rocks by Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) and Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO), we are glad to be involved in a trial with further testing regime to investigate the capacity of the remaining meta-sedimentary rock in Yuen Long and North-West of New Territories.

In the package of full scaled static loading tests, a series of trial piles equipped with bi-directional load cells and instruments are being constructed in the selected project sites with this targeted Meta-Sedimentary rock.

BSGL has just completed two of these trial piles installed with “Osterberg® Cell” in the Yuen Long South site. While waiting for the strength development of concrete pile, our project team keeps regular collection of the data given by the strain gauges installed along the pile shafts and especially at the rock socket lengths. Following the plan, a kentledge will also be set up before the start of the loading test to provide the counterweight of about 1000ton at the top of the pile to facilitate the testing of the full frictional and end bearing capacities at the rock socket and pile base.

We look forward to the fruitful test results and hence an ultimate reduced scale of foundation elements while maintaining the same design capacity.

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